EQUINE iQ - It's all in one place.

Equine iQ is made for horse owners and the team around the horse. No need for separate diaries, notebooks, messages or separate feature subscriptions or upgrades, you have all features included in your mobile device in Equine iQ.


Equine iQ is made for horse owners by horse owners and from the basic need to look after our valued equine companions.  You can choose to whom you want to share your horse data – the co-rider, the groom, the stable manager, your trainer, vet or farrier. All team members who have the horse shared, have access to and can add and modify horse information – all information is at your disposal when you need.


You are not left alone if you have poor network connection – Equine iQ works also offline.  Equine iQ stores your horse’s data to encrypted cloud database. Light and dark modes are naturally available.






The Equine iQ is purchased by the horse owner or person who adds the horse to the app, the team around particular horse uses the app free of charge. The Equine iQ subscription is based on number of horses you create (1-2, 3-5 or 6-10 horses).

1-2 Horses

  • 9,99 € / 1 months
  • 49,99 € / 6 months
  • 89,99 € / 1 year

3-5 Horses

  • 14,99 € / 1 months
  • 74,99 € / 6 months
  • 134,99 € / 1 year

6-10 Horses

  • 19,99 € / 1 months
  • 99,99 € / 6 months
  • 179,99 € / 1 year

If you have over 10 horses and want to use our application, please contact us through email: 


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