Frequently asked questions (faq)

Why can’t I make entries for a horse?

• The horse is archived. An archive box icon appears to the left of the horse’s name. In order to make entries, you need to go Menu -> My subscription. In manage section you will see how many tokens you have been subscribed and how many tokens are available. If you don’t have any tokens, go to subscribe section and choose order to your own needs. 


If you have a horse shared and you cannot make entries – contact the person who shared the horse with you.

I have tokens, but still my horse is archived?

• If you have tokens, you can activate your horses by going Menu tab -> User -> My subscription -> Manage. There you can see list of archived horses. Swipe the horse you want to active from right to left. 

How to subscribe?

• Go to menu tab and then User -> My subscription -> Subscribe. Then select number of horses. Application gives you automatically prices to every payments. After you have been chosen payment, follow instructions which application and App Store gives. 

How to cancel subscription?

• Go to your iPhone settings. Press your Apple ID profile and go to subscriptions. Select Equine iQ from app list and cancel subscription.  

How to redeem code?

• Go to Menu tab -> My subscription -> Subscribe -> Redeem Code. 

Then enter code to text field and press return from keyboard. 

How I can delete health tasks and notes?

•  You can delete notes and health tasks in edit mode. Press to open note/health task and then press upper right corner -> Edit -> Delete note/health task.

How I can delete activity or health event?

• You can delete activities and health events in two different ways. 

  1. Backgournd information -> Activity/Health -> Open category and choose activity, which you want to delete by swiping from right to left.

  2. Go to Diary view -> select date -> Press and hold activity/health event which you want to delete

How to share horse?

•  You need Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and the person, whom to share horse next to you. Then go to Menu tab -> Manage horses -> Share horse -> Select horse which you want to share. 

The other person goes Menu tab -> Manage horses -> Connect to horse. 

Then follow instructions. Once sharing is complete, you can see in Team section who have access to your horse’s data.

I tried to share horse, but local network is off even though Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are okay?

• Go to your iPhone Settings -> Scroll down the page and find Equine iQ app. If Local Network switch is off, put it back on.